Jamie’s Deli

BEST PART: The Chilli Jam!

 Our time restrictions were no problem during this weeks lunch. Not only did we enjoy a tasty and good value meal but we also had time for a round of Penguins Top Trumps! Not alas a game that let you pit Lady Chatterley’s Lover against Body in the Library, but it did feature Pingu. Anyway, this is not a Blog about Top Trumps (although…), so let’s talk about the food.


There was much for the discerning vegetarian to chose from; flan, frittata and an array of sandwiches. A Deli Counter always makes me excited though slightly stressed at the overwhelming options and the pressurised decision period. On this occasion I made the right choice of a yummy crusty granary roll filled with vintage cheddar, green stuff and oh so sweet and spicy chilli jam which left my lips tingling without being aggressive. My husband whose taste buds were impaired this week by a gushing head cold chose the salt beef sandwich, and any taste it did have for him was at least a nice taste. We also got a classy fruit juice and posh pack of crisps for £6 each. Very good value.


The décor is of the modern industrial style which I like I in spite of it becoming the new norm. It was marred only slightly by the shelves of Recipe Books featuring large images of Jamie Oliver’s face which looked down on us as we ate like a collection of cheeky mockney harpies. The Deli is quite dark though so it wasn’t as disconcerting as it might have been and although it was a little on the empty side  on this occasion I don’t think this was the reason why. We chose to sit on one of the sofas, which was very cosy but did mean that the only practical way to eat your lunch was from your lap. As neither of us had soup, however, this was no hardship. My only criticism of the interior was that a quick trip to the loo proved impossible given that you have to walk from the Deli, through the Jamie’s Italian Restaurant, upstairs and round lots of corners. I did get a little lost on the way out and my  husband had almost forgotten we had been eating together. A single unisex loo just for the Deli would be a good idea, maybe with a Jamie Oliver themed toilet bowl.


As we paid at the start there was none of that annoying waiting for the bill nonsense. The staff were friendly, polite and efficient and did not try to steal my husband’s credit card.

This is the ideal place for a quick, casual good value lunch with friends who favour really good fresh ingredients over frilly presentation.




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