Smokehouse Deli

Best Part: The Sweet Potato Fries!

I must ask our readers to forgive this extra review which goes slightly off task. On this occasion our mid week lunch was not in the city centre but at the Smoke House Deli on Cell Barnes Lane.

Smokehouse Deli replaced a much loved greengrocer at the start of 2015 but has quickly become a new favourite in our local area. We often stop there after school for a real Italian ice cream and love the welcoming family atmosphere. They sell a variety of high quality Deli goods fresh and store-cupboard and just looking at these is enjoyable enough. Their cakes are particularly beautiful – imaginative doughnuts and rainbow sponges; yum! Needless to say for any establishment started in the last 12 months, the Smokehouse Deli is en trend in its grey colour scheme. It is smart, clean extremely friendly and the purveyor of great food. A breath of fresh air for our neighbourhood and worth a trip out for those living further afield.

On this occasion we decided to try out their lunch time fare and were not disappointed. I went for “The Greek”, roasted vegetables, halloumi and a gorgeous garlic mayonnaise. I wish I had chosen a ciabatta or baguette instead of the granary option as I don’t think it toasted particularly well, but this was my bad choice (well, my husband’s, but let’s not worry about that. Though it was definitely his fault), not their wrongdoing. I couldn’t fault the filing – well balanced flavours and well cooked. We chose a side dish of very fine sweet potato chips with mayonnaise. So good I can still taste them.

My husband went for that day’s special, a slow roasted pork bap with stuffing and apple sauce. His first bite enraptured him, but as he went on he began to look a bit less convinced, and ended it by proclaiming it maybe a little too rich, almost to the point of tasting offaly. He was more than happy with his English Toffee flavour milkshake, though, none of that foreign Scottish toffee muck for him.

It being a sunny day, we took the opportunity to use the outdoor tables and sat and watched the great and good of mid-week Cell Barnes wander past. Due to our interesting demographic mix we did manage to observe a large group of violent sweary men take issue with each other, but as we did not have the children with us and there was no actual fisticuffs we could take it in the spirit of local colour.

For those with families, they have a good children’s sandwich lunch deal, changing facilities and plenty of highchairs.  Probably because the proprietors have their own children they are really clued up. What a relief. However this doesn’t stop it being a trendy and desirable place to go. Important looking people with tablets and phones sit next to young families, the only thing on common being a love of good food and good service.

Well done Smokehouse. May you serve the community for as long as the Greengrocers…I think that is about 49 years to go!



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