Fishy Delishy

Best Bit: The Name!

It’s Fishy, but is it Delishy? I normally end up at Fishy Delishy when I head out for lunch with no real plans, and reach the end of St Peter’s Street without inspiration hitting so settle on the chippy as a place of last resort. This time was the first time I have visited it as a definite destination. I’m not entirely sure I will again.

In previous incarnations this site seemed to spend more time shut than open, but they passed the first test today by not being locked. We love an old frontage when considering shops and eateries so this bottle green chippy presented so many possibilities. Mrs Midweek lunch was hoping for an old fashioned interior too. Once inside we were treated to cheerful newspaper print tables (as an aside, when was the last time fish and chips were actually served in newspaper? Have we all agreed that this will stay a cultural shorthand despite the actual reality, in the same way that floppy disks signify saving a file?), but the rest of the décor was a bit… naff. Vague nautical themes sit on sparkly gold walls, but it all sits in an awkward middle ground. If it had fully embraced the ship imagery to the point of absurdity, or committed to retro appeal with total diner chic then it would be something different and awesome. Currently it is not.

Mrs Midweek lunch has nothing to say about the toilets except that they were clean and not grey.

The menu went a bit beyond the standard cod/burger/suspiciously coloured sausage triptych. Not much beyond, but the did do calamari. And beer. The beer was welcome. My companion ordered a cloudy fresh-pressed apple juice that, on arrival seemed suspiciously clear.

For a main course I decided to go maverick and ordered the chicken and chips. It was.. not good. Now, I don’t hold myself entirely free from blame in this situation. I made two tactical errors. Firstly I ordered chicken in a fish and chip shop, akin to going for an omelette in a curry house. I was not playing to their strengths. Secondly, though it came with gravy as standard I said no to gravy. Because I don’t like gravy. The chicken when it arrived, though plentiful, was dry and flavourless. It also was sort of chewy, which is not a great sign when you’re eating meat. We’re both to blame, but I feel a restaurant has a duty of care to make it impossible for stupid patrons to order something that bad.

Mrs Midweek Lunch, being a sensible sort of cove, went for cod and chips. As part of the lunchtime deal this was only £5.99, which allowed her to splash out on mushy peas. She felt it was an acceptable cod and chips but it wasn’t brimming with flavour and thus she was nonplussed overall. The mushy peas were nice although she would have liked more of them. It was good value but she suspects she would have got a more delishy fishy in a pub.

Fishy Delishy is not without it’s appeal. The waiting staff have cute little green aprons and general the fishy battery smell is appealing. Although they originally tried to fob us off with little sachets of ketchup when we pushed the issue they gave us their big proper chip shop squeezy bottle. And they seem to care about sustainability, or at least whosoever wrote their menu does. So visit them, buy fish and then maybe go and sit in St Peter’s churchyard to eat it. But stay the dickens away from their chicken.


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