The Snug

Best Part: The Mystery Door!

It was a cold day so we decided to visit the Snug to try out their lunch deal (just £6.50 kids!).


 As an eatery that was renovated a few years ago it was a brutal reminder of a time when not everything had to be grey, trendy yet cosy and the toilets were good if unmemorable.

 One slightly odd feature was a mystery locked door that didn’t seem to go anywhere and yet staff (we assume) occasionally appeared through it. We decided in the end that it must lead to Narnia and spent the rest of the meal hoping for the arrival of Mr Tumnus. He didn’t come. Perhaps the White Witch had turned him into stone again. Anyway, on to important matters.


 Our waiter was good at his job – he remembered the order and brought it to us in good time with a cheerful manner. He had a large Hipster beard and on this point I would like to make an observation. I have seen a lot of waiters with Hipster beards lately and predict it will replace grey in being the most important factor in determining an en-trend eatery in St. Albans.


I was very impressed with the range of Vegetarian options. Mr Midweek Lunch felt less inspired but found an all day breakfast that excited him. In spite of all the lovely choices in front of me I made the error of being healthy and ordered the Quinoa salad. I have had mixed experiences of Quinoa, the first of which tasted like it had come straight from Satan’s bottom and the second from somewhere if not close to Heaven then at least lovely St Albans. Clearly like facial hair it is what you do with it that counts. The Snug promised a nice lemon dressing and sweet tomatoes so I was keen, especially with the additional Halloumu for a £1 surcharge. In reality once the Halloumi had gone (quickly as I LOVE the stuff), I was disappointed. I felt there wasn’t enough of the lovely lemon dressing and that the tomatoes weren’t sweet enough. It was a very good start but if the Snug considered developing the it I would recommend perhaps some cubed roasted squash or sweet peppers to balance the dish.

The breakfast was by and large of a good quality. All the meaty portions were top notch, and they served the best hash browns I have had since the Royal Marsden Hospital (and I do love me a hash brown). The tomato was again not up to snuff, being tough and slightly bitter. The snug may need to reconsider their tomato sourcing options, maybe have a word with nearby Tabure. And the egg was served the wrong way (over easy, or probably over hard if the internet is not lying to me about this being a thing) without consultation.

But the toast was good, if not quite warm enough to melt the butter on touch, and served surgical style. Let’s spend a little time appreciating toast. Mmmm… toast.

The Snug gave us a good value lunch in a timely fashion in a pleasant environment. They also gave us a talking point in their trans-dimensional portal.


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