Cafe on the Corner

Best Part: The Little Biscuit!


I wonder if you have considered the enormous moral responsibility of the food blogger? It is not all free dinners and hob-nobbing with Michel La Roux. One also must consider the implications of presenting your considered and accurate opinions to your legion of devoted followers. Whilst it may be acceptable to bad-mouth the absurdity of the Subway Veggie Delite, they can probably take it, it seems churlish to stick the boot into a little local eatery struggling to get by. And if, like this week’s destination The Café on the Corner, the place is a charity endeavour staffed by volunteers you really have to hope they put on a good show.


Luckily for all concerned they did. The Café on the Corner is a café, on the corner of Catherine and Adelaide Street, so it scores points for the veracity of it’s name (unlike Jamie’s Italian, because he isn’t). The décor would be described as homely, but a home with loads of kids pictures on the wall. So, our home basically. As well as the youthful scribblings there are also proper bits of art (possibly for sale?) and weird squiggly wooden things hanging from the ceiling.


The menu consisted of the core café groupings of sandwiches, omelettes and breakfasts of the all-day variety. Not particularly envelope-pushing, but it doesn’t matter if you do things well. I went for the big breakfast, because I was having it for lunch and lunches should be bigger than breakfasts (this is my belief but I will not judge you if you think otherwise). It had all the required elements except hash browns, and I would like to single the sausages out for especial praise, being juicy and thick and sausage-like. If I am allowed just a smidgen of criticism then the toast (which I had been looking forward to given their dedication to making their own bread) was too crispy, and was not hot enough to properly melt the butter.


Mrs Midweek lunch was very happy to be served tea in the correct way i.e. in a pot (yellow) with milk jug. She was also very happy with her mozzarella and tomato baguette with side salad and crisps. It is getting harder to find a crispy baguette sandwich now because the Panini has taken over the world but not so today. It had a lot of gorgeous sun dried tomato oil oozing out of the baguette and she still has a watery mouth when she thinks of it.


The prices were very reasonable, and the service was friendly if not slick. This is a lovely space to just sit around and eat and drink stuff in whilst feeling needlessly good about yourself without having really done anything to earn it.


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