BHS Cafe

Best Part: The Longevity!


We chose to make our eating venue the BHS café the day before the outcome of the takeover/administration battle was announced. We thought, correctly that this would be the last time for us to have a meal in the establishment and in fact I am pretty sure it was the first.

Before I start, I must mention a most revolting event that I witnessed while waiting for my companion to arrive. A strange lady who had long since finished a hot drink, openly went over to where half a cold cappuccino and tea had been left on a neighbouring table and tipped the dregs into her own cup! Furthermore readers, I am very much afraid to tell you that she drank this concoction with great satisfaction. I wonder if my eating experience got off to a bad start after this.

So, lunch at BHS? Well, it is very sad to see a well loved British business in decline. All the members of staff looked depressed and who could blame them? The lovely guy behind the counter was hassled by the lack of stock (clearly head office couldn’t replenish any supplies) and lack of motivated colleagues in the kitchen. Our younger son for instance wanted the child’s lunch box which consisted of a pick and mix of 5 items e.g. fruit, sandwich, crisps etc. There were only two things to choose from so he had to make it up from adult supplies. However, he did this very cooperatively.


Mr Midweek lunch had an inedible tomato with his jacket potato but we didn’t like to make a fuss because quite frankly, what would be the point? Worse still he bit down on something that turned out to be a small piece of plastic in the potato, possibly a promotional giveaway? But we are British, and we were in British Home Stores, so he placed it to one side of his plate and continued on stoically. His own small tribute to the national character that has sustained this slightly low-rent M&S through the years. He also had an incredibly sweet Cherryade, though it was soured slightly by the knowledge that it would be his last from BHS.


One positive thing to come out of the visit was that our elder son and I discovered how a tuna melt Panini can be enlivened with some slightly aggressive but surprisingly pleasant red mustard dressing.


I am reluctant to grade this meal. Would we recommend it if it wasn’t closing? Hard to say because the experience was very much reflective of this fact. Yes, probably it would be fine for a good value cuppa and cake. However in terms of our lunch, the results are as follows: the tuna paninis were extremely tasty and the kids lunchbox as one would expect (apart from the adult crisps). The jacket potato was not edible, apart from the inedible elements. Let’s average this out at 6. The service was better than one might expect in the circumstances, again a 6. As for the ambience, well there wasn’t any. Let’s give this a total of



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