Best Part: The Milkshakes!


Now, if you have worked in an office that is located anywhere but the most derelict and distant business park you will know that occasionally your colleagues will settle on one location as the only viable lunch venue, and will visit it remorselessly until they decide to move on to the next place. We have recently passed out of our Relish phase and as such I was not particularly keen on returning. However, when we visited Relish we were in the now painfully distant Summer Holiday phase, therefore we needed to go to somewhere that would both accept our children and be acceptable to our children. Relish was one of the few places in the sliver of this Venn diagram so back to Relish I went.


They are very good with children in Relish. The waiting staff are friendly and engaged our two in conversation about the difference between Transformers and Bionicle, which can be quite obscure to all but the most knowledgeable. They have games and other distractions to keep them entertained whilst they wait, but the wait was minimal anyway so we didn’t have to partake. The youngest members of the Midweek Lunch clan were very happy with their meals, which were very good value at £5.50 for a main course and a milkshake. Being post-millennials they did not object to their food coming on a metal tray, which I might have in their position, and they even got some little cucumber and carrot pieces to make you feel less bad about feeding your children fried meat, chips and ice cream for lunch.


My wife was also thrilled with her food. She often complains about vegetarian burgers being offered instead of vegetable burgers. By this she means that she doesn’t much like pretend meat burgers but does get very excited when people get creative with mushrooms, squash, feta and halloumi. Relish had got it just right by serving her halloumi, peppers and other gorgeous juicy bits in a brioche bun. It was a flavour sensation. She was also very happy with her milkshake, although this proved to be too filling for the middle of the day in conjunction with the generous helping of burger, chips and other bits. She is a small lady and sometimes forgets this when she is feeling greedy.


Now personally I have never been an enormous fan of the burgers at Relish, which is slightly unfortunate as they are their raison d’etre. I find that they are lacking the indulgent juiciness of, say, Craft & Cleaver, and the toppings are not enough to make up for it. The buns don’t maintain their integrity until the end, but that is fairly standard these days. They are obviously of quality, but I think they need some zing to make them able to compete in the crowded burger market. My peanut butter milkshake was very nice, maybe a bit too crunchy for a milkshake but lovely none-the-less.


We ordered a side of onion fries, basically chips with very crispy onions on the top. I object slightly to having to order sides separately when it seems unlikely that anyone would order a burger on its own. Given all the food and thick milkshakes available on the table, though, one portion between us was more than adequate, and the onions were a very welcome and rare twist. The presentation was such that is was difficult to get to the chips without working through the strata of onions, and as they were a shared portion I could not mix them up too much.

So I had a generally positive experience, with a few pointers. But the rest of my family had such a lovely time that I am a wise and gentle enough soul to look beyond my own disappointments and enjoy the happiness of my companions.



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