La Vista

Best Part: The Omelette!


First of all, an apology. When we reviewed the Bakehouse I made a big song and dance about how they had managed to overcome the curse that had previously blighted that spot. Well, with the benefit of hindsight and a greater appreciation of the universal concept of entropy it appears that for the Bakehouse the inevitable destiny was just slightly longer in arriving. But still, that is all in the past, now we have La Vista who will be here for ever probably.


So the décor is pretty much the same, which is fine because it was nice before so therefore it’s still nice. There’s even the old Bakehouse sign, only now it doesn’t have the letters saying ‘Bakehouse’ which were fairly integral to the sign but whatever. The menu is new, anyway, and pretty extensive. If I had to categorise it I’d say it’s like a café menu. There are sandwiches, jacket potatoes, even burgers if you can believe it. I was made to photograph it, so impressed was my companion.


However, it was so large that when the waiter came to take our order my co-author was still undecided and so requested a little more time. This was a mistake, because it was the last we saw of him for a goof long while. When he did return I went for a panini, filled with meat in the shape of balls and also cheese. Then there was another very long gap before the food actually arrived. I was beginning to feel somewhat perturbed, but luckily the food when it arrived was spot on.


The chips I will single out for special attention, they were all chips should be. Crisp on the outside, and greasy on the interior. They interacted superbly with the mayonnaise, it may have been artisanal hand mixed or it may have been Hellmans, my mayonnaise palatte is not so developed, anyway the end result was awesome food interaction. The panini was pretty good also, maybe it could have done with more interesting tomato sauce and more cheese, but it was good.


But, most importantly, the omelette. Light and fluffy like a good fish batter and yet also creamy. Mrs Midweek Lunch was so thrilled with it that she declared it the best omelette she had ever had. Bless her though, she had forgotten what flavour it was supposed to be and was surprised at the lack of spinach. The correctly roasted vegetables were very nicely done.


So there are some teething problems to resolve (when I paid by card we had to conduct the transaction halfway up the stairs as the only place with reception), but overall this is a good effort, well suited for a lunch-time excursion. No need to rush to experience it, though, you have all the time in the world! Bwah Ha Ha to fade.